Filter flights by departure and destination w/in flight log


Would it be a possibility to add in a filter to a flight log to filter departure and destination within a flight log?

For example, my tail number N1943L, I would like to filter out all flights that originate out of MBO and arrive at KEKY for a quick count of how many times I made that flight

While I havent flown IFR recently, my flight log isn’t out the yin yang, but for those that may have may have flown 100’s of flights may want to know how many times they made a particular route run within that period of time, and filtering would be helpful for that determination.



Maybe a filter isn’t the right word. I think it would be easier to implement being able to “sort” by departure or destination city.


Your idea would work real well as I have seen web pages where you click on the column title and it resorts it after you click on the title. With your idea above, would be nice to sort by flight length too!

Filtering would be cleaner to users of 100’s of flights as the page would only display the information requested.

Your idea would work perfectly for an “infrequent” flier as myself.

Maybe BOTH ideas can be implemented? :smiley: