Feature Request: Add ADS-B aircraft data on FlightAware site

It would be nice to see FlightAware get into displaying ADS-B data on FlightAware site in year 2013, or 2014+.
Start using their own collected data for the website without any FAA,etc rules/laws…

1.) It would be able to display the ADS-B equipped aircraft nearly LIVE on the map without any 5 minute delay like on FAA ASDI data feed.

2.) Display the “Tail Number” registration on the flight tracking page for those ADS-B aircraft that’s sending the airline ICAO-FlightID/Number.

3.) Track those “FAA ASDI Data Blocked” aircraft with ADS-B received data on FlightAware.

4.) ?

FlightAware could come out with their own FlightAware ADS-B/UAT hardware product uploading to FlightAware server.

Just in case the U.S. Government/FAA ever takes away the FAA ASDI data feed due to budget cutbacks in 2013, or later years.
The site wouldn’t have to catch up and get setup for ADS-B at that time if it ever happens. To keep the FlightAware site going with flight tracking in the United States.

Since most aircraft will be equipped by year 2020 !
FAA “NextGEN” faa.gov/nextgen/

Information about ADS-B
The United States will require the majority of aircraft operating within its airspace to be equipped with some form of ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_ … -broadcast

At the last updated count of active aircraft.
1090-ES ADS-B AIRCRAFT: 13930

The number of ADS-B aircraft detected has increased from 8,050 in October 2008 to 12,004 in October 2011.

Just something to think about in the FlightAware office

FlightAware has been using ADS-B for several years but is expanding the effort across the world and inviting others to participate. Take a look at flightaware.com/adsb/