exterior antenna

The antenna is a CoCo antenna (Coaxial Collinear Antenna). These antenna are very easy and fairly cheap to make but tuning can be a problem.

A coworker followed these instructions and made a 8 segmented CoCo antenna using cheap RG coax cable cut to specific lengths.

CoCo antennas use 1/2 wave segments (about 5.4 inches for ADSB * the propagation speed of the coax ) . The ebay listing says it is a 4 segment CoCo.

There are people posting about CoCo antenna on FlightAware all the time. Definitely check out the post below:

The other choice is to make a cheap Cantenna antenna. These are great antenna and which doesn’t require tuning. You will also probably get better range from an cantenna since they work without tuning.

The FlightAware antenna on Amazon is a great antenna if you want a premade, tuned, and weatherproof antenna.