explain flight tags


I go to Flight Aware only occasionally, and sometimes need refreshing as what all the items on the three-line flight tag mean. Why is there no explanation anywhere as to what all the items on the tag mean? Not everyone is a daily user!




Thanks - still only a partial answer. My main complaint - why isn’t a FULL explanation given in a prominent place for newcomers? 8)


The first line is the flight identifier and aircraft type, the second line is explained in the FAQ, and the third line is the origin and destination.


Thanks for the info. Not to beat this to death - I was
wondering why this info is not easily available for a newcomer to this site. Just a suggestion!!


Probably because, like other sites, people aer expected to read the FAQ’s first if they have questions. However, in this case, I can see the reason for your question. For some reason known only to FlightAware, the FAQ’s were moved from a noticeable place (i.e. top right of every page) to being buried on “About FlightAware”.


Even the FAQ does not explain the first tag line (flight # & equipment) nor the last (origin & destination), presumably because it is assumed anyone visiting would know intuitively what those are. That might have been true in the beginning but FA now has a wider audience than just us geeks.

OP may have a point.