EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg: EAP vs BSL

Is there any way to change or add “EAP” for the “EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg”?

Flightaware’s flight info always shows correctly EAP for that airport, but if you are editing/correcting a route, then you are not allowed to enter the IATA code EAP – you have to use BSL instead (which then gets finally converted to EAP). Seems neither logical nor practical.
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This airport has always been a bit confusing, EAP is sometimes (not always) used by train schedules or by the common person. BSL is the IATA code and if you really want to get confused the ICAO code which pilots use is LFSB.

Many thanks for your reply, porterjet.

Probably my initial post was a bit unclear as I don’t really prefer EAP over BSL.
I am just asking if it is possible to have a consistent IATA code handling for that airport on the flightaware webpages and therefore either EAP or BSL.

I don’t work for FA so don’t want to answer for them. But, I agree with you. The last time I flew into Basel my bag tag said BSL.