ETA accuracy..


Here is a suggestion - why not leave the ETAs as reported by the FAA computers? Adding six minutes could confuse people at home leaving to meet someone at the airport.

There must be a better way to do this…

BTW, why the delay? Is the data you receive delayed or are you required to delay it due to some kind of security concern?


The data is delayed to do an arbitrary, knee-jerk concern about security. We expect to eventually have a real-time feed.

If the ETA wasn’t adjusted, then every flight tracked would show “5 minutes remaining,” " 4 minutes remaining," “3 . . .,” “2 . . .,” “1 . . .,” and then be “n/a” for over 5 minutes before saying, “Arrived 6 minutes ago!”


I noticed that both the departure and arrival times for my flight today are one hour earlier than actual time. The same error exists in the log of flights for my home airport. Is there an incorrect correction for daylight savings time?


You can choose your time zone when you edit your profile. The FAQ describes in more detail how this behaves.