Error on InboundFlightInfo call

This is a valid flight on 12/30/15 and I got a valid flight-id with the GetFlightID call.

QUERY = GET … edule-0000 HTTP/1.1

RESULT = {“error”:“Inbound flight is not known”}

On the flightaware website I can get the inbound info - but not via api.

That error happens when the inbound flight cannot be accurately determined based on the information we have.
Now the website does not show any inbound flight for 12/30/2105:
If the website did show it on that day, it could have been a bad guess.
Flightxml has a more accurate, but more expensive algorithm than the website.
If you find other InboundFlight calls that do not return what you would expect, do let us know and please include the exact timestamp when you notice it.