Charlotte being the 2nd largest banking city in the united states could it support a 2-3 times weekly flight to Dubai on emirates supported by buissness o&d.


Business destinations require daily or every business day flights to be successful. Businesspeople don’t like to fly in a day early or out a day late just because the airline doesn’t offer a flight that day. They’ll fly an airline that offers daily service but requires an additional connection instead.

Emirates only has a very small presence in the US currently. They’re going to hit all the really big markets first before going back and getting the smaller markets (likely when they get A350’s).


tehy only fly to houston and toronto 3-4 times a week


I disagree that they need to fly daily or at least every business day on very long routes. I think there should be at least three flights a week. That way, the amount of time away from home is minimized.


YYZ is probably carrying as many non-business passengers as business.


Agreed. Airlines compromise with biz. travelers, not the other way around. Business travelers preach for more flights and then for planes with first class. They won’t conform to weekly flights. You see weekly flights in leisure markets like Orlando and Las Vegas.


Houston isn’t exactly a leisure market.