Emirates A380 Parked at CYYZ


Anyone know what’s going on with the Emirates A380 that is currently parked at Toronto Pearson International (CYYZ)? The flights are scheduled in and out of CYYZ on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as flight EK241, but it’s Tuesday and there is one parked by the old Terminal 2 parking garage.


It had an unfortunate run-in with a catering vehicle which damaged its wing.

According to CADORS…

The Emirates Airlines Airbus A-380-800 aircraft (A6-EDE, operating as flight EK242) was parked at gate 173 at Terminal 1 of Toronto (LBPIA) (CYYZ), being serviced in preparation for departure on a scheduled IFR flight to Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates (DXB). A CLS Catering Services Ltd. truck was being used to re-stock the upper deck galley through the second door on the starboard side of the aircraft (2R1 door). The scissor jack mechanism for the truck reportedly failed and the truck body fell onto the inboard, leading edge area of the starboard wing/wing root, damaging it (extent of damage unknown but the aircraft has been removed from service pending inspections/repairs). There were no leaks or spills and no passengers were on board the aircraft at the time.


Thanks, Derek! I appreciate the info.

It kind of surprises me that those scissor lifts don’t have some kind of fail-safe on them to avoid that kind of incident when hydraulics fail. Perhaps after this, they will.