Embed flight view for specific GPS

I have a very popular free/public website that collects/displays very LOCAL information (traffic cameras, school/power/road statuses, traffic, weather, emergency services) based on someone’s location, or city of their choice. I would like to embed the default flightaware map, but tailored to a GPS location. This would be “hey, I hear/see an airplane, which one is that?” and pulls up the website, and chooses flights to see the embedded map. Anything beyond that should transfer to flightaware. How can I achieve this?

I’m not a coder so I can’t provide detail. You can set a location and zoom level within the URL, but I do not know how to do it from FlightAware.com.

One simply adds lat,lon/zoom level to the the URL for FlightRadar24 or ADSBexchange.


thanks, that looks like it would work perfectly, if it can still be embedded.

The first one works, specifically when the coordinates aren’t more than 2 decimal places. However, the second one I didn’t get to work: ADS-B Exchange - tracking thousands of aircraft for these coordinates, for example.

Thanks! Will try to embed the first.

There is also a cell phone app, FlightRadar24, that one can point their phone at an aircraft and see identifying info for that aircraft. It is available for android phones, but I’m not sure about iPhones.

You can use the AR function in iPhones as well