Email ability when Flight plan filing

I think it would be a nice feature to add in an email field to send copies of a filed flight plan when submitted through Flight Aware so they know sooner then the FAA received alert that the plan was accepted.

Could that be built in, similar to an airline booking system to notify other people interested in your flight the itinerary?

We may invent a new sort of alert for this, we don’t want it to be confused with flight plans from the FAA.

Great, I appreciate the consideration!

Caveat at the top of my suggested email alert could read:

The following flight plan you are receiving from Flight Aware is subject to acceptance in the FAA computers and not the official flight plan until it’s been accepted by the FAA. What you are receiving in this message is subject to cancellation or change by the pilot. (or some legalese like that)

Ideally, this would give the pilot the opportunity to send the whole flight plan much sooner then one hour before departure to people interested such contact number, SOB and stuff not included in regular FAA alerts via check boxes maybe that could be set in the user profile as a one time setup?

Just like the airlines, have it go to an email address rather then a mobile phone so you have better control of formatting.

We don’t know what’s a dumbphone vs email, so we’d certainly have to use a few fewer characters. :wink: