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Elevation Setting on My ADSB Page - Manual or GPS?

I have a Station in Florida that I just moved to a better location and the “My ADS-B” page is showing:

Antenna elevation above ground: 15 feet
Ground elevation: 69 feet

Which is what I set it for manually (somehow) when I had it at my other location a few miles away.

But the GPS is showing ~143ft . (sits a few inches from antenna and Pi)

I was told by Tech Support that the Elevation on that screen is set by the GPS, but I thought it was manually entered at one point.

  1. Where can I can it manually (re)set it to correct it?
  2. Or How do I get the page to actually pull the elevation from the GPS?


It seems you were using gpsd at some point, it should update from that automatically.

Once it is in “Receiver” mode for the location, you can’t do manual changes.
So either you get it to automatically update from gpsd or you’ll have to ask tech support to change it to manual again.

The Location (Lat / Long) are updating perfectly from GPSD. It’s the two elevation settings that aren’t.

Data from any consumer GPS can show max. deviations of up to 50 Meter which is 150 feet.

If i am setting elevation of my receivers i rely more on manual setting which i gathered from different sites offering this based on Google Maps/Google Earth.

Have you checked the cog in the orange bar if you can update it there?

I don’t see anything under the cog to manually set it.

Make sense, but I can’t find the place to manually set it.

do you see this screen when you hit the cog (then see the “configure height” ?

I remember there’s a setting required to get the log enabled on this screen.
But i damn can’t remember which one… :frowning:

If you have the GPS module, that option disappears.
I use the manual input (without a GPS module) because my antenna is significantly higher than the USB ports where the GPS module would reside.

You can go with a smartphone by the antenna and collect the latitude/longitude and ground height. Modern phones have a few meters accuracy, and that’s plenty good.

However, since January 1st 2020, the number of planes that don’t have ADS-B/UAT dropped significantly, I saw only one or two small planes and a military C130 this last week that were MLAT.
So MLAT is actually less important now.