Electrionics in flight


Why can’t you use electronic devices on airliners when you are taking off/climbing v. at your cruising altitude?


Because everything electrical emits some sort or radio interference. Just to be safe, they don’t allow anything below 10,000 feet, so that there isn’t a chance of interfering with the navigational equipment.


Ok, but they still need the equipment above Fl10. Always thought that it was just a spoof. Like to get you to use thier sky phones.


Above 10,000, having a sterile cockpit is not as important. The last thing you want, though, is to be on final approach, in poor conditions, and all the sudden the ILS instruments start deviating because of electronic interference. Sure, it’s probably a one-in-a-million occurrence, but that is what has been said about other crashes that have ended up killing hundreds.


Ah I see. Basically means that I woln’t be taking any pics below 10,000ft.


Technically. :wink:

Look on a.net, and you will see hundreds of photos during takeoff and landing. What does it mean? You can take photos as long as the flight attendants don’t see. Is this right? No, but a lot of people do it anyway.


Unless youre shooting film from an old-school mechanical-wind camera!
(there is much debate over whether or not still cameras really ‘count’ when they tell you to turn off electrical equipment… when in doubt dont let them see…if they see you, put it away, dont be an ass.)


Actually, they’re more concerned about items like cameras, Walkmans, etc. and other unsecured items becoming unguided missiles in the cabin in the case of “an emergency”.



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I called a friend who is also a pilot for AA. Yes, there is the electrnic inteference “fear”, but it is also for safety. If you think about it, the two times emergencies are most likely to occur that need EXTREME quick responses, and, because those are the two situations that the aircraft is more prone to possible problems that can be difficult to get out of, it makes it a lot easier for the FAs to get people who do NOT have thier ipods, laptops, portable DVD players blaring in their ears to listen.

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It’s so that the interference from your walkman, camera or PDA will not cause the engines of Alitalia airliners in the vicinity of the airport to shutdown completely! Once you’re at 10,000 feet, you’re far away enough from Alitalia traffic not cause any disturbance to their fragile equipment.



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