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easyJet (EZY) vs easyJetEU (EJU)

We have encountered some issues with tracking easyJet flights where the EJU filed flight is the desired one, not the EZY one.

For example, we wanted to get the fa_flight_id for https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EJU8191 which has an April 4th date while the https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EZY8191 only has an April 5th date. In our system, we still have EZY recorded as the ICAO, resulting in an erroneous fa_flight_id.

My hunch is that we should just be using the EJU code from here on out, but I cannot find any information to back that up. Has anybody else dealt with this issue, or have any thoughts, tips, etc?

EJU is the identifier for easyJet Europe, which they appear to be shifting some of their flights to using effective March 30, 2019.

Another source indicates:

"Following the Brexit vote, easyJet set up a European based subsidiary called easyJet Europe based in Austria along with an Austrian AOC. Since doing so, 135 formerly UK registered aircraft have been transferred to it, and now have OE registrations. "