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Dump1090 Failure

G’day Team,
Currently running PiAware 4.0 and every now and then through thye day getting Dump1090 failure as per the attached photo, any ideas??? Once I restart seems to run fine again for a while.

That’s the default warning when no data is sent. I see that when I reboot my Pi or it goes offline. I noticed this morning that pops up on my test station when my daughter uses the microwave… So if you are using WiFi, you can get that from interference, weak signal. Or perhaps another error causing dump10909 hangs or restarts.

One useful step is to inspect the logs. For me, this happens when dump1090 cannot talk to the receiver.

Most likely problem is that dump1090 is simply not running.

SSH into the device and check with
sudo systemctl status dump1090-fa
if the process is running or not.

If not, try starting it with
sudo systemctl restart dump1090-fa

In case that fails as well, try a reboot of the whole device.

If the failure comes up only once in a while and disappears, it can be a weak network connection. I have this from time to time while accessing my Pi from Remote through tunnel

I am having this same issue recently… dump1090 will only run for (usually) an hour or less before stopping. I have to restart or reboot. My feeder has ran for a year or more without any issues until this past month or so. Not sure if it is related to the v4 update or not, but seems to have started around that time.

Running on a pi 4 (4GB) Rasp OS (not the FA image)

It’s impossible to diagnose this without detailed logs. Please capture systemctl status dump1090-fa and journalctl -e -u dump1090-fa output when the problem is occuring.

Yes I thought it might be SD card related, but have checked it and haven’t found any problems with it yet. I updated my system today also, and so far it all has been running without any issues (5 hours now).

SD card can be a case as well. If the dropouts increase or any other suspicious comes up. i would test a different card. Finally it could also be a faulty power supply

Thanks for the replies team, so far I have now plugged my dongle into a USB 2.0 port not a 3.0 port which I didn’t know it even was, my bad :grimacing: :grimacing:, added the frequency inline filter back into the antenna feed line to reduce overload into the receiver and added a couple of ferrite cores to the USB extension lead and so far in 48 hours I’ve had no drop outs so here’s to hoping. :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

That’s your issue right there, the SDR isn’t getting sufficient voltage, those extensions vary wildly in quality, if the copper is too thin … voltage drop is too high and it’s not stable.

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Correct. I have two of them. The longer one does not cause issues while the stick is connected.
But with the shorter one, the reception drops by 30%. Maybe this would cause also other problems, but i removed it after some minutes.