dump1090-fa logs


I have just switched from dump1090-mutability to dump1090-fa V3.5.
dump1090-mutability logs used to be at /var/log, however dump1090-fa does not seem to write any logs there.

Is there any way to write logs from dump1090-fa in the same manner as mutability used to have?

dump1090-fa writes via systemd/journald to syslog; with the default configuration that will end up in /var/log/syslog
You can tweak your syslog configuration to put it somewhere else if you want, but it does not log much.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply!
I had a look at journal and of course it does not log much, just start/stop events.

Hi guys,

Running pA 3.5…

I’d like to tweak my gain, to ensure that “1-3% of usable messages >-3db”.

On pA, installed using JP’s ADSBReceiver scripts, where can I find the details required to calculate this, i.e

10745 messages with signal power above -3dBFS
4509893 total usable messages