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Dump1090-fa blacklist

I’m new to the ADS-B world and just learning. My RPI4 and FA Orange based system is up and running, messages are comming in as steady stream.

Question, is it possible to create blacklist for dump1090-fa to prevent individual call sign?

I don’t understand what you’re asking, how would this blacklist work?

I’m receiving huge number of messages from source (ICAO 46770F and CALLSING T40A14) continously.

It seems to be known ‘problem’ in my area and just trying to filter this data thus it is useless for community. At least I think so.

Aggregators wouldn’t appreciate tampering with the data like that.
They don’t mind the extra data it’s really not an issue.

Example message from 46770F just in case anyone is curious:

CRC: 000000
RSSI: -2.7 dBFS
receiverTime: 1230024140027.67us
systemTime: 1611508196.984s
DF:18 AA:46770F CF:0 ME:13534C01C74820
 Extended Squitter (Non-Transponder) Aircraft identification and category (2)
  ICAO Address:  46770F (adsb_icao_nt)
  Ident:         T40A14  
  Category:      C3

Category is explained here:

It doesn’t send much info it’s not much data that is being transmitted. (as in … extremely little)

As wiedehopf says, this isn’t a problem for piaware and, I expect, other data feeders.

Do you maybe just want to hide it on the Skyaware display?

Thanks to both wiedehopf and obj for explanations. I was not aware that ADS-B was also used by others than aircrafts and airport land vehicles. Blacklist seems to be not a good idea afterall.