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Dual FA usb sticks

I’m using two FA usb sticks on a pi, I’m trying to compare two antennas and see which is the best way to display what appears on my pc screen at the same time. My problem is how can I display the two on my pc via my network when both are sharing the same IP. Is it possible or impossible to do? Any advice or solution would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

You have to run two instances of dump1090-fa, each will dispaly an independent map:
Map of Dongle 1 at:

Map of Dongle 2 at:

Single RPi running two independent instances of dump1090-fa and piaware:



You assign different ports to each piaware setup. (The easiest solution.)
You can setup another network making the RPi dual homed.
That said, I cannot provide step by step instructions.

Many thanks abc, that looks straight forward enough . I will give it a go. Cheers.

Thank you ua for your suggestion, Just learning about a Pi, I’d probably struggle making it dual home and yes different ports is a good suggestion too. I hadn’t considered that. Cheers

Do not spoil your current install.
For “1 Pi 2 Receivers”, use a spare microSD card with freshly written Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) image.

I’m not sure if it is possible, but worth trying. Use tar1090 to display data for installation #1 (Pi ip/tar1090) and Piaware to display data for installation #2 (Pi ip:8080).

There is a combine1090 too on the Github…

I’d recommend just using this: https://github.com/wiedehopf/tar1090#multiple-instances

You have to know the /run directories you configured for both dump1090-fa instances.
But you should know that anyhow :slight_smile:

Many thanks to everyone, It appears that my original kinetics sbs3 antenna to be the best for my FA sticks.
I tried an antenna that came with the FA stick, I purchased a 1090 antenna from Radio World, neither of them produced results as good as a kinetics antenna. I’m receiving approx 163nm with it…
I have a homemade co-linear for my sbs3 and I’ve had way over 250nm but I can only use it outside in summer due to not being allowed to have an external antenna ( socail housing rules).

Sounds like you got 2 bad antennas, not uncommon, many antennas sold as 1090 Mhz aren’t tuned to 1090 MHz at all.

Looks like you’re right and I have 2 bad antennas,
These are my result with the kinetics antenna running with the other antennas on two separate PIs.

Kinetics Antenna 7 aircraft , FA Antenna 2 aircraft (from PiHut)
Multi results
Kinetics Antenna 9 aircraft , Radio World Antenna 3 aircraft
Kinetics Antenna 12 aircraft , Radio World Antenna 0 aircraft
Kinetics Antenna 11 aircraft , Radio World Antenna 3 aircraft

This is the info from Radio World.

This is our special antenna that is tuned for maximum performance on the 1090MHz ADSB band. An ideal replacement for those supplied with AirNav RadarBox or SBS or for RTL SDR dongles etc.

  • ADSB 1090MHz
  • High quality 30mm ‘rare earth’ super strength magnet
  • Antenna length (Including base) approx 31cm
  • Complete with 5 meters of RG174 coaxial cable
  • Supplied with SMA Connector

Ready to go.

It’s not this thing is it?

Trash. Even then the 5M of RG174 blesses you with over 5dB attenuation. You got taken. :cry:
There are many posts on this forum warning people of these.

I had similar one with 3 meter RG174 coax. Performed rubbish, till I replaced it’s coiled whip by a DIY “whip with a kink” :slightly_smiling_face: (V-Stub), and even with 3 dB loss by 3m RG174, it performs about 80%~85% of FA antenna (also with 2m RG174 coax)

Yes, that’s the one, minus the cardboard backing and in a clear plastic bag. Which I did buy off ebay (the very same picture). I wish I had known about it sooner. It will be in the post first thing for a refund…
This is the antenna from PiHut.5123cKenIHL.AC_SS350

3DBi 1090Mhz Antenna SMA Male Plug Indoor ADS-B Aerial with Magnetic Base RG174 3M Pigtail Cable for Software Defined Radios (SDRS) ADS-B USB Receiver.

Could you please recommend a decent antenna. with price and where purchased from. Many thanks.

That one is garbage too - basically the same thing. (Sorry, but spade is a spade). You will see ads for those identical antenna at other frequencies. They don’t even come close to resonating at 1090Mhz. The one I have (looks identical to the one above resonates at about 960 and again at about 1280Mhz and is absolutely horrible at 1090Mhz as they advertise it for.

Your best bet would be the FA Antenna as it appears to work the best for the money at most locations. I don’t work for them, or anyone else related, but you will find this to be a decent generalization if you read enough posts here and my own tests agree.

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Many Thanks for advice, I have an FA Antenna on order from the PiHut (it’s cheaper to buy directly off their website than off them on Amazon). :+1: