Downloadable Flight History

I know you can buy an extended flight history, but for the one that is available as is (aka, not paying for it), can we have the ability to download it in an Excel spreadsheet format?

Copy and paste worked wonderfully for me. Million ways to do it, but steps I took were:

Select the text by highlight the flight history starting with the column headers
right click
Go into Excel and past and viola, all exported.

For multi-page histories, proceed to the next page and repeat as required. :slight_smile:

Neat thing that happened for me was the hyperlinks retained for the airports and individual flights and in the first two rows, the cells were colorized.

Here’s what I said on 25 Nov 05 in the topic Printing Flight Activity History, followed by an addendum.

It is possible to copy from Firefox and paste into Excel. You will need to use “paste special” rather than “paste” after copying the data. In the options for “paste special,” select “text.”

Don’t have to use the “paste special” when copying from Opera.

Note that “paste special text” will strip off all hyperlinks and font colors.