Don't remember seeing a NOTAM for this

What worries me the most is we will see “copy cats” that won’t read the disclaimer in all caps.

My guess is that it sounds like these guys did their research and probably had a coordinated the launch with ATC maybe something similar to how the NWS does their weather balloon launches???

I don’t ever see any NOTAMS out of KJAN for the NWS balloon launches. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty cool to see how they do this for scheduled obs.

Pretty cool! Amazing to me to see the earth from space. And people think millions of years ago gases went BOOM and made the earth, pitiful.

It’s a well-trod path for NWS and other science organizations, including interfacing with the FAA. I know two scientists who have done balloon experiments, launching from the NASA facility in Palestine Texas. If these students did as much research as the article said, they should know that the FAA ought to be in the loop. But the story doesn’t say they did anything about it, and their launch site (Sturbridge) seems real close to the Boston-NY flight corridor.

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The FAA exempts airborne science packages of less than four pounds from notification requirements. No NOTAM required for release.

The notification exemption doesn’t release you from using common sense to ensure your launch and recovery are not going to risk harm or injury to persons, aircraft or property.

Wow, so if you run over a balloon-borne plastic ice chest in your shiny new Mustang, you’re expected to suck it up without whining? That’s startling.