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Does the aircraft.json file contain both 1090 & 978 aircraft?

I’m running 2 tuners - does the /dump1090-fa/data/aircraft.json contain 1090 & 978 aircraft or are there 2 separate aircraft.json files that are updated every second?

Yes and No :wink:
There are no separate stats for dump978-fa.
See this previous thread:

That’s about stats.json, that isn’t the question here.

If you use dump978-fa and no uat2esnt, then the dump1090-fa aircraft json won’t have the 978 aircraft.
The 978 aircraft will only be in /skyaware978/data/aircraft.json


What is uat2esnt? I’m guessing that’s a typo (uat2sent) but is that another package that can be installed?

esnt is the correct spelling. (“Extended Squitter Non-Transponder”).

It converts 978-format messages into 1090-format TIS-B messages so they can be consumed by software that only knows how to deal with 1090-format messages.

It’s legacy software and is not built/installed as part of the standard dump978-fa package, since piaware & skyaware978 know how to deal with 978-format messages directly.

Oops :grimacing:, should have read it more carefully.