DL Not winning the hearts of customers on this one


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My thoughts about the last portion of the article, in what way is his mother still traumatized by this event which happened at Christmas? Call me heartless but I think the fact that the luggage was lost sucks, the delay sucks a low paid low seniority gate agent chuckling a bit rediculous…the tone of customer service in this day and age perhaps. I don’t see it worth $1 mil.

If he cared that much then he should’ve bought travel insurance.

Delta should’ve rebooked him on the other carrier since the next flight was more than 24 hrs later, but other than reimbursing him for any tickets he may have bought on the other carrier, I don’t see how DL is in any way responsible. There are risks inherent with travel, especially International travel. This posh NYC lawyer is apparently not familiar with these risks.

it’s not uncommon for people to sue for a lot more then they should.

This really isn’t as bad as the person who sued Mcdonalds in 1992 for the burns resulting from coffee spilt on them. Now, Mcdonalds has “contents hot” on the the coffee lids…you think that would be implied.

Really, I don’t think you should have to buy travel insurance for this case.

If this happened to me I wouldn’t fly Delta again and I’d share my experience with others. But first, I might send them a nastygram and see how they respond.

I travel quite a bit, and it looks to me like the group was late getting
to the gate. Maybe issues with the mother in a wheelchair. Not all
airports are disabled friendly. Anyway since they were late arriving at
the gate, the agent was right denying boarding. Yes the door was open
but that could have been because the final loads were being given
to the flight crew. Boarding 4 or 5 more people including a disabled
passenger would have meant a major delay.

You obviously haven’t done any research on the Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants. All the anti-lawyer crycrowd loves to put it out there, but the case had several merits and McDonald’s liability and aggravating actions were documented.

I appreciate that you admit to knowing nothing by the statement “Now, Mcdonalds has “contents hot” on the the coffee lids.” I’m not surprised you didn’t know the warning was there before the incident, too.

The person who sued was a complete and absolute idiot, as was the jury and/or judge who allowed the judgment. I go to a drive-thru, I buy hot coffee, and I spill it in my lap. You know what? I’m not going to sue because it was my fault.

If it’s true that the shyster in this case was late arriving at the gate then he has no grounds for suing. Yes, I know you can sue for anything now a days but morally, I find it reprehensible.

The person who sued was a complete and absolute idiot, as was the jury

yup…coffee is hot…unless of course you paid $5 bucks at starbucks
for a cold coffee

Warning: This coffee is extremely COLD and may cause shrinkage if spilled on a man’s lap…"

CLASSIC!!! :laughing:

You’re right, I haven’t done a lot of research on this case. But either way, my point is that people sue for money, and not for losses. It was the ladies fault who spilt the coffee, not Mcdonalds. And even if it was Mcdonalds fault, it doesn’t cost a million dollars to fix burns.

images.delta.com.edgesuite.net/d … ge_dom.pdf

Go to page 48 in this document and you will see this man has an up hill battle.

As for the Mc D’s case that to myself and I think a lot of people the beginning of a sue, sue, sue mantality which now plagues our court system. A person foolishly handles a known hot beverage in a vechicle (cramped by steering wheel…) spills knowen hot beverage on himself and here is the kicker, the hot beverage burns him. Did that constitute a lawsuit? I guess for the parties involved it did and the rest is history.

This from the article about 1/2 way, by the way even the good lawyer should know is heresay:

A Delta employee “Litterally walked away chuckeling that he had left them stranded”

I like that this has sparked some good debate.

Anyone want to call an outcome? I think DL gives this guy some free tickets a bit of $ for the hotel and rebook on another carrier…but not his full claim.