Digital Signage URL help


I would like to use FlightAware on a digital signage installation we have in our hangar. The digital signage software lets me publish URLs and query strings only. The query string is appended to the site URL using the following format:

I would like to pass my credentials to the URL to authenticate with your “My FlightAware” service so that the digital signage will display info about both of our planes and our airport. I am thinking the URL would be “” and the query string would be something like “?username=tcarder&password=password”.

I have valid credentials to access your site. I would just like to use them to automatically log into your site by passing them through the URL. Or, is there a better solution to use FlightAware data in digital signage applications? Please advise. Thank you.


You may want to look into our FlightAware TV service:



That is exactly what we are looking for. Thanks for the recommendation. We are using the TV Fleet product in trial mode right now and are very happy with the look, but need more from the configuration. I am publishing this URL to a digital signage device that doesn’t have any user input abilities, therefore I cannot configure the display options after the URL is accessed. I see a lot of good options when I browse to the TV Fleet URL from a PC web browser. I would like to be able to specify the Base Layer and add an Overlay or two before generating the URL. Is this functionality available in the paid version? If not, is there another way to accomplish this? Please advise. Thank you.


Unfortunately, I believe that the base layers and overlays are functions after the map is generated and not configurable before the map is generated. You may try to generate the map on your computer 1st then copy and paste the long url (not the short one) into the signage system and it may inherit the settings that were previously set. I have tested this in a few ways on my computer and it appears to have worked

You should,

  1. Generate link on from your tv manage page
  2. Paste short link in browser (not in sinage device)
  3. Configure map to your liking
  4. Paste long URL in digital signage device

Let me know if this resolves the issue.