different distance flightaware <-> flightradar24

Hi I have a question, here on the FlightawareStats side I have now and then a distance of 5-6 Views <-> 150-200 mi. but I also feed to flightradar24, distance → 112. Why the difference? Can anyone explain to me?

STats here: flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/antonov124
flightradar24 stats:
Uptime (as % of available time): 100%
Aircraft seen: 823
Positions reported: 33,421
Maximum distance: 112nm

Here my dump1090 screenshot

greetings Rainer

Do they use different day timings? UTC/GMT vs local.
Does FR24 only use ADS-B for Stats and ignore MLAT?

FR24 Link: Connected via UDP
FR24 Radar Code: T-EDDC51
Aircraft Tracked (ModeS & ADS-B): 35
Aircraft Uploaded: 20
Receiver: avr-tcp, Connected
MLAT running: YES

There is two numbers we need to figure out the distance.
ADS-B messages have the position of the plane and this is usually accurate to a few meters (based on the GPS chip inside the plane).
The position of the receiver is usually set by the user. If you are using google maps or your phone to get the position it should be accurate to a few meters.

So if you are entering the receiver position accurately (on your FlightAware stats page) your distance to plane measurement is accurate to a few meters.
This same error exist for FR24 and what you entered for receiver position on their system.
If you are sure both receiver positions are the same on both systems I actually have no idea where the difference is coming from.

There is a start the day difference compared to FR24 that another user suggested. If they counting the plane during a different day you might have to check 1 day ahead or 1 day back to see if it shows up there. This problem usually shows up in some rare cases where a position is near near the change of day period. This really doesn’t seem like the problem since your graph is showing multiple far away positions throughout the day.

Hi David,
the coordinates are the same ;(

is it possible with an gps connected to my rpi to integrate this to my feeds?

I have noticed this too sometimes. My guess is fr24 requires several messages from an aircraft before it counts them for your max distance, similar to how VirtualRadarServer updates its range map. So if you only get a few pings from a far-out aircraft it may not count. Maybe better to ask on fr24 forums.

ok :wink:
forum.flightradar24.com/threads/ … lightaware

Here is my range :wink: