tonite flight of DHL445 from san juan (TJSJ) makes u-turn back to san juan , it,s desitination was wilmington ohio (KILN) …SORRY I,M NEW HERE DON,T KNOW HOW TO BRING -UP-LINK ,HOW DO WE FIND OUT WHY IT WAS DEVIATED ??? :question: :question:

Almost definitely mechanical. Reasons for diversions are not reported unless there is an incident which results in damage or injury. Occasionally with passenger flights there’s a new story about unusual diversions, but this one is neither a passenger flight nor unusual (presumably). … /TJSJ/KILN


Why does the map display the prior flight on the above link from the history portion?

The map being displayed here is … 1200972660 when I click the above link.

The map displayed in your link above is the flight … /TJSJ/TJSJ flight

I would have thought it would display the same map as … 1200993960 map?

I was working from the history link of to get the inconsistency of map displays

MSIE 6.0 is the browser flavor of choice at my work.


EDIT COMPLETED map properties updated

Because the most recent flight has no departure time; it’s a known bug.