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DFW 30AUG20 Orange Lights

Anyone see the glowing orange/red balls of light that seemed to be taking off from the Irving area and flying WNW on 30AUG20? We watched dozens of these over a 30-45 minute period take off in pairs from our home in Grand Prairie. In particular, any pilots in the sky see them? There were plenty of planes in the area and some of them came quite close to each other from our viewpoint.

Yes, I saw them from Grand Prairie as well. From my vantage point they were moving from east to west and then turned to the north. They were very widely but evenly spaced, and I thought it quite odd that they were flying opposite to the south flowing DFW outbound air traffic, which was heavy at the time. I agree with your orange color observation, and did not see traditional white, red, or green lighting even after they turned north. I thought it all odd and unusual enough to file a UFO report with the national ufo reporting center. I sure would like to know what they were. I cannot imagine that none of the commercial pilots on outbound airline flights didn’t see them.

Beings you both witnessed from the south of DFW, could this be a valid explanation (It may be too early regardless - hence October - But there is also “Corn Moon” right about now)?

Sometimes rising heat from the ground will cause light refractions and give the appearance of stationary objects moving and/or giving the illusion of multiples. It is normal to happen in waves as well.

I’m not passing judgement, or offering an explanation at all, merely asking if Arcturus could be a possibility, or if what you all witnessed was completely different.

Nobody mentioned what time this was about…I only assume based on the vague descriptions that it was sometime after dusk since red/orange are the lowest frequency in the light spectrum and not easy to spot in ambient light.

Interesting either way.

The lights were not the Moon, which was out in the southern sky.