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Developer Struggling API

Hey Guys need some help with the below.

We are using the API for an app we are building but our developers are having an issue Getting the right data.

Basically we want to show all flights arriving and departing Gibraltar Airport.

We can find it on the site https://uk.flightaware.com/live/airport/LXGB

This is how it should be displayed within the app flight schedule page

Depending on arriving or departing

  • time of take off or landing
  • the destination or origin

They are using this API, is that correct? And what should they be calling?https://uk.flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/explorer/#op_AirlineFlightSchedules

Can someone help me with this?

Your link ends up in a login page……

Sorry does this work?


at least not for me

It shows a mobile phone with a login screen

It’s a prototype link - this is the screenshot of the data we want to show

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The most cost-effective way to accomplish this would be with FXML3’s AirportBoards.

Thanks Ottergoose, I have to apologise as I have no knowledge and we are relying on our developers at the moment.

Do you think you could help with the exact instructions for the user case in the screenshot?

We are really struggling to get this over the line :cry:

I’d suggest calling FXML3’s AirportBoards on a regular basis, storing those results, and then serving those to your app.

I’ve got a couple of other clients who I provide something like that for, if you’d be interested… shoot me an email at nick@jettip.net if you’d like to discuss that further.