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Predicted Runway Data

I see you’re providing predicted runway information now:

… are those data available through any of your APIs yet? Will they be?

It will likely only be available to only specific customers initially. If it eventually becomes available in FlightXML, it would likely still require a custom pricing agreement.

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Good to know; I’d certainly be interested in it if it was something that could get tacked onto FXML3’s AirportBoards - include_runway_data=true would be really slick for my client-base. Thanks!

Can you explain a little bit more about what pieces of information would be most valuable to you (in order of priority)?

I run JetTip, which provides arrival/departure boards and smart flight alerts tailored for aviation enthusiasts (spotters/photographers/whatever). Knowing which runway a flight will take can make the difference between seeing the airplane you drove to the airport to see and missing it entirely, and the learning curve for listening to a scanner / learning operational patterns / following the flight on your app is pretty steep - my product is improving avgeek UX - reasonably accurate anticipated runway use for each flight (even if it were a probability score: Runway 30L: 80%, Runway 17: 20%, for example) would be awesome… heck, even if you just offered that on your site, you could get a lot of traffic from the enthusiast community now.