Determine if pro stick plus is dead

the back portion of my RPi3+ touched copper piping and the board died. i have a new RPi3+. when i access the device locally, i get the piaware local page, but the bar that says, “radio” is orange and it says, “connected to receiver but no recent data.” is there anyway to test the pro stick plus by itself to determine what the issue is?

If this is your stats page:

Then you are feeding data for the past 4 hours and the stick is working.
Or is that a 2nd receiver?

i only have one site and one dongle. it appears to up and working now. my, “MLAT” is showing the color red even though i set my lat/long on the map and established my antenna height. hopefully that will refresh and all will be well. can you tell me how to delete my old sites? it is the same dongle but i had to format my micro sd card 2-3 times since my Pi died.

Yet another site :slight_smile:

Clicking the cogwheel where you set the location you can also remove a site.
Needs to be inactive for a day i believe.

Just give the MLAT a bit of time.
You can also check those two commands for clues if anything is acting up.

sudo journalctl -u dump1090-fa -en50 --no-pager
sudo journalctl -u piaware -en50 --no-pager