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Determine aircraft identity from ground position

If I have the latitutude, longitude, date and time of observation, is it possible to use FlightAware to determine the aircraft carrier and type?

Consider using SearchBirdseyePositions with the range operator on the lat, lon, and clock elements that give extra padding +/- the information you know. If it finds a match, you can use the “fp” that is returned in the results to invoke FlightInfoEx to get more details about the flight.

BV1: Thank you for your response. I’m a bit confused. How do I access SearchBirdseyePositions from the FlightAware web site. Or, do I need to write some software?

This forum is specifically about technical questions with using the FlightAware API for application development.

Understood, and thanks again. Is there any function which allows searching beyond 24 hours in the past? Trying to identify an aircraft in an image. We have the longitude, latitude, and epoch times.

Due to the data volume, we don’t retain positional data in any rapidly searchable form after the 24 hour window. However, our Firehose API does allow you to request playback of past time periods and filter the data returned to only include a small lat/lon box for a specific time range.