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Departures by Fleet Type?

Hi all, new user here and I’m wondering if someone could help me find some info on the site.

I’d like to search daily departures at an airport by fleet type. For example, all 737 departures out of SFO.

A daily snapshot is great, I don’t need historical data or any kind of past performance, I’m really more interested in looking at market share at hubs by fleet type. I found the search by aircraft type filter, but that only allows me to search current departures or arrivals for the current day as of the current time (and I’m not sure that’s a complete list).

I have a free “registered account” and looking at the pricing tiers what I’m after isn’t a listed feature. Before I ought an account, I though I’d ask the site power users if there was a free way to filter the information I’m after from this site.

Thanks a bunch!