DC-10 Tanker at Burbank?

flightaware.com/live/flight/TNK9 … /KPMD/KBUR

I know they used to fly DC-10s into LGA w/ 7,000 ft. runways. KBUR is 6,800 ft.

Would have been interesting to see, in any case.

Riverside (KRAL) is even shorter. My guess; I don’'t think the DC-10 is landing there. It’s just being used as routing to get close to the fires.

Yeah, they use SMO sometimes to as a point to get near the wildfires as well.

Oh, that would upset the neighborhood!

why wouldnt they just fly out of victorville??? cant be more than a 15 min. flight if that to the LA basin??

Yes, it’s support crews/equipment are at Victorville. That’s the only place in SoCal I’ve ever seen it land.


Frank Holbert

I also think that if they needed to be in riverside they would use MARCH ARB. probably has 10,000 foot runway or 2. i could look in my AFD, what do you think???

They could also use Long Beach…RY 30 is 10,000 feet…and as I recall, they used to build DC-10’s there…