Daniel Webster College to Close Down Flight School

Daniel Webster College in New Hampshire announced last week that it was closing its pilot training program. This is sad news for all in aviation, particularly students, faculty and alum of DWC. But it also sends an important signal - again - that the pilot education system and the pilot job future are out of whack.

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Unfortunately, I saw this coming a long time ago… Over $100K in education and less than $20K in income… Would-be pilots are catching on to this and are deciding to go elsewhere with their lives.
If ERAU shuts down, then I might see about buying a Dash 8 for about 20 bucks (cuz that’s how much it’ll be worth with nobody flying it) and put it on display in my back yard.

The numbers aren’t much different than the kids who go to Yale ($150k?) to be public schoolteachers ($25k?).

Where do teachers make $25k?

Washington State teacher salaries

Oklahoma in the smaller districts.

North Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, etc. Median is about $33k.

Yale is now ~$200k, so the numbers work out about the same as the DWC grads you referred to.

Who goes to Yale to be a teacher?

Who goes to Yale to be a teacher?


This western boy ain’t going to the sissy east coast to become a teacher! Why, next thing you know you’d want me to get my salsa from New York City!

Even more so, who goes to Yale to be a teacher in a “smaller district in Oklahoma” ???

:laughing: :laughing:

does NH have any other schools?