Anybody know why when you click on,


it defaults to



SHUTTLE AMERICA Web site for a clue…

DAL8912 is a Delta charter flight and shouldn’t have anything to do with Shuttle America.

Ok, not sure why this was moved to Airlines.

This has to be a technical issue.

How can clicking on one flight lead you to another?

If the flight is operated by Shuttle America, then why wouldn’t it?

But it’s not. It’s a Delta flight for the LSU Tigers. Same thing happened last weekend but just thought it was a fluke. Now it’s doing it again.

Delta did change all their charter flight numbers, LSU went from 9804 to 8912 and the Saints went from 9802 to 8871. All the other new DL numbers work fine except for this one.

This information would’ve been helpful if posted in the first message.

Point taken.

If you go to BTR, you can see the flights there, just can’t click on them.

This has been resolved.

Thank you.