Delta route I've never seen before...?


I log into FlightAware periodically to see what’s going on at the airports I most frequent fly into (JAX, GSO, and RDU, among a few others). I fly back and forth a pretty good amount, and there are no non-stops between JAX and either GSO or RDU (although 5 or 6 years ago, Midway Airlines did fly JAX-RDU). So when I was just looking at activity at JAX, I noticed a Delta Connection (Comair) flight supposedly flying from JAX to RDU - a routing that I’ve never seen. Delta’s routing between these two cities is always through ATL; they’ve never had a non-stop. The flight number given is Comair 9491, which on Delta’s website says it flies LAX to DTW. So I was thinking maybe the aircraft was being repositioned out to LAX and had to make a stop at RDU to refuel or something…but it’s a CRJ-200, which I definitely don’t think would be used to fly LAX-DTW. Anyone have any insights on this?


With a flight number in the 9000s, it’s probably a maintainence flight (i.e. to or from a big maintainence facility).


The NCAA was shuttling teams in to Jacksonville all afternoon for the basketball games on Thursday. Teams often go in two days early, bands and VIPs the day before. Check the sites for departures that night or the next morning to see the losing teams head out.

DAL9792 B732 Baton Rouge Metro Ryan Field [KBTR] Tue 01:08PM Tue 03:21PM

BTA3456 E45X Syracuse Hancock Int’l [KSYR] Tue 04:12PM Tue 06:32PM

PCE3510 B73Q General Mitchell Int’l [KMKE] Tue 10:01AM Tue 01:10PM

I couldnt find anything specific, but it may have been something along those lines.