Daily Median Stats (past week)

Daily Median Stats (past week) - i can’t see how this is calculated - does anybody know what mystic algorithm is involved :slight_smile:

For me at least, it does exactly what it says on the tin! :smiley: It’s the median of the last seven day’s figures (including today as a partial day).

For example, my last seven day aircraft seen numbers are (with the first figure being today’s partial) 815, 1230, 989, 998, 981, 1291, 1143 and the median is correctly reported as 998.

The only slight oddity is that it uses today’s partial result as one of the 7 inputs.

sorry but at my site this does not work - nor the ‘real’ past days work - that’s why i’m asking … and what i wonder most is that often it is the exact number of one of the single days …

this were not odd but false - otherwise ‘the last 168 hours’ had to be the headline.

It is the forth highest day including todays results from what I have seen and read.
Simply sort the last 7 days including today highest to lowest it is the one in the middle.

1600 ← Median Day

It likely is one of the numbers to be the median. This might be a language problem. In English, ‘median’ is not the same as the average. The median is the center or middle value of a set of numbers. For example, the median of 1,1,1,2,7,7,7 is 2. 2 is also the median of 1,1,1,2,3,3,3

(This is for an odd number of values such as 7, for an even number of values the median is the average of the middle two)

perfect - that’s the solution!
i was thinking about this - some days ago too - but proved it then only against real past ‘calendar-week’ …

thanx jprochazka and lignumaqua

p.s. things like this are always as you try to remember a name - and think and think and don’t get it - and then you are happy when sombody tells you :slight_smile: