Cost of King Air C90B

Company is looking to purchase a King Air C90B model looking for info since I have never flown one. I have flown the B200 and a F90 for a short while just looking for direct operating cost and really numbers such as fuel flow at altitude and TAS.


Figure 230 to 240 kts TAS for a recent C90B. Fuel flows around 600 lbs/hr. If you go high and far, figure 600 lbs/first hr., then 500 lbs/hr after that. One nice thing is that you don’t really suffer with much higher fuel flows if you opt to stay down low. DOC’s are in the $800 /hr range, obviously highly fuel price dependent, depends on where you are. Great airplane for 2 to 4 pax up to about 600 or 700nm. Very comfortable, nice cabin, if a bit crowded with 4 pax. Range with full fuel is about 1100nm or so. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.