Continental DeHavilland Dash-8

At one point I was a vey fearful flyer. I now fly at least 8 times a year and although nervous I am not as fearful as I once was. I will be taking my first flight in a prop, a DeHavilland Dash-8. Can anyone tell me what I can expect? Thanks.

You get on, sit down, buckle your seatbelt, taxi, takeoff, cruise, land, taxi, unbuckle your seatbelt, stand up, get off.

Now… is there something specific about a Dash you want to know?

I understand that props can be much more bumpy. I tend to be more nervous during takeoff and to a lesser degree landing. How much different will it be in Dash-8 than say a CRJ or 737?

Sit back and relax. There is no way to quantify what you are asking. I’ve had bumpy flights, takeoff and landings on planes as large as a 777 and as small as a 19 seat Beech.


Sit back and enjoy your flight, with the exception of some propellor noise you most likely won’t notice anything different on your Dash 8 flight than on other planes you’ve ridden in.

The Dash-8 is a great ride and rather roomy, you’ll be fine

Never been but seen vids watch the landing gear and flaps if you can!!!

The Dash and CRJ have essentially the exact same cabin.

Video taken right next to the prop… not to shabby.

That’s a fallacy. As the others have said…enjoy the ride.

Albeit routine, flying is still an exciting adventure when one realizes how unique the concept of flight is.

Thanks for the responses. One of the most useful tools for me to overcome my fear of flying has been education. FlightAware has been particulalry helpful in this regard.

The biggest thing about the Dash-8 is that it is relatively slow. Doesn’t make a huge difference on most of the routes, but certainly not a bad ride at all.

Oh yeah…get and wear ear plugs. You’ll find the trip to be more comfortable wearing them. If your seat is anywhere in the forward section near the propellers, it will be a bit noisey. :wink:

I was aware that the Dash-8 is relatively slow. Is the slower speed noticeable, expecially during takeoff?

I’ll bet you that you don’t notice a difference from jet to the -8. it’s a good SAFE airplane. have a nice flight.