Continental 128

Any idea why CO 128 shows that it was diverted to MIA but doesn’t show any information for it going from MIA-IAH?

At least 26 hurt as airliner hits turbulence … index.html

Thank you. I guess our local media in Miami had incorrect information as they said it had already left for Houston.

I fly in that area all the time and I just looked at the winds aloft, the turbulence forecast and upper lvl chart, i can see no reason why they should have hit C.A.T. if I had to guess, they flew they a cell.
The winds in that region are nil so no C.A.T. do to an upper lvl jet. no frontal zone.

Could this be the flight you are looking for?

No the flight came from Brazil.

This is probably the mishap flight: … /SBGL/KMIA

Local TV showed a feature about turbulence studies at NCAR (Boulder) in followup to this mishap. It’s a warning system to produce tailored weather reports including CAT, that are much more current than is presently available. …
They’re planning to begin testing on United flights within a year and hope to turn it over to the FAA within a few years.

FWIW, at about 1:00 into the video, he points to a blob on his screen and suggests that might be the cell that caused it.


No, OP was looking for the flight from KMIA-KIAH. I quoted the wrong person. :blush: