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Content into german language


I want to get back german content.

For example, I try to get informations of an airport.

// get airport info.
$params = array("airportCode" => "EDDK");
$result = $client->AirportInfo($params);

it gives me back:

object(stdClass)#372 (1) {
  "AirportInfoResult"] => object(stdClass)#354 (5) {
    "name"] => string(12) "Cologne Bonn"
    "location"] => string(12) "Cologne/Bonn"
    "longitude"] => float(7.142744)
    "latitude"] => float(50.865917)
    "timezone"] => string(14) ":Europe/Berlin"

How can I get the german name (Cologne Bonn).
It should gibe back “Köln”

Onto your WEB-Site I do get german content:


Thanks for help.

I don’t believe FlightXML attempts to localize the textual strings from any of its responses.

But why can I see it onto their homepage into german language?

The website and FlightXML are separate implementations, though they are both interfaces to access the same raw flight data.

Is there any chance to get the informations into german language, by another interface?

Sherron from our custom data department will be in contact with you shortly to discuss this.