Confirm Flightaware Filter is working

What would be the best way to confirm the Flightaware filter I bought is working properly.

I am asking because I also just bought a ProStick and I have been playing around with my setup. I noticed that when I remove the filter from the setup the Noise on the ADS-B Signal Level chart actually goes down. I would have thought that when I remove the filter that noise should increase. Am I not understanding what that statistic is actually telling me?


Whichever setup (with or without) gets you better results.

The filter always works when its connected.

The filter reduced my numbers by 10-15%…suspect I’m not in an area of significant interference.

Using FA Prostick & FA antenna.


Doesn’t sound right. Check your connections. The filter should introduce some attenuation but not enough to drop your numbers that much unless you already have significant line loss.

What are your gain and/or AGC settings? Did you try running wide open, i.e. no gain setting and no AGC?

Curious as to where/how this noise figure is calculated. I don’t use PiAware directly on the RPi that has the dongle, so don’t have that view.

My connections are good, professionally made, bare minimum adapters. FA antenna on roof, 30’ RG6 to RPi running stock Piaware from FA. I may have tweaked it but not sure. Checking…

PROG_ARGS=“–quiet --net --gain -10 --net-fatsv-port 0”

So gain is maxed out?

Try optimising the gain
See this thread ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/gain-adjustment-t37172.html

The comments regarding the connectors were that they were secure, not well made.
Also, that SMA, not SMA-RP, connectors are used.

We have seen professionally made cables fall apart.

I left out a filter(not FA but effectively the same thing) on one setup a few weeks ago. Went from 150-200 aircraft to 2.

It is also possible that there isn’t much noise in your area.