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Combination of 5 site into one MAP



I have 5 station. I wanted to view all coverage as one map instead of viewing each site example,,,,

some sites are on same network other are not… So I have to open five browser to view them

I wanted an option which allow me to view all station on one browser and view the five station…

look forward to hear from anyone.


I’ve wanted to whip something up to do this a bit more easily for quite some time, so here it is:

You will need to decide on one Raspberry Pi where you want to use it.
This Raspberry Pi will need to able to access the other sites via network.

Let me know if the instructions are clear enough.

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Merging data allows to combine a number of input data streams into a single stream with automatically determining a source format of each input data stream.

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VRS (Vurtual Radar Server) will also do this

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Great idea… I have several tower sites across geographic areas although not really far enough to widen the map very much but it would expand the range and make the data much more detailed.


VRS show in the map only one selected reciver


You can create a combined received and view it.