Comair 191 First Officer sues everyone!


The co-pilot, and only survivor, of Comair 191 has decided that everyone but him is to blame for the crash which killed 49 other people. … ded9ba009b


I expected that behavior but I’m aghast that he filed suit against the runway light manufacturer. The correct runway was lit up fine.


The accident occurred, the lawsuit claims, as a result of a combination of errors by the defendants who/which each comprised a component of a redundant system of safety that was designed to prevent such catastrophic occurrences.

In this case, the redundant system of safety designed to prevent a catastrophic occurrence, was… The Flight Crew!


This is a legal strategy to attain settlement money so that he (the FO) can then settle with all of the families who are suing him.

I’m too cynical…


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  2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, esp. by actions that exploit the scruples of others.

“Too” cynical?

Sounds right on the “money” to me…


**I wonder if he is including himself as a “defendant” in this lawsuit. Perhaps he’ll sue the estate of the deceased Captain because he did not properly supervise Mr. Polehinke’s actions that fateful morning. Unbelievable. **


Maybe he should also sue the manufacturer of the aircraft for not developing a crash-resistant airframe.


Sad state of affairs for our legal system.

He has enough memory to sue the pants off of everybody, but none to to help the investigation and contribute in a positive way to the safety of aviation.




I’m surprised he isn’t suing all of his math teachers throughout his schooling, none of them must have taught him to count to two! As in the number of intersections he had to cross to get to RWY 22. Ahh, what the heck is the difference between RWYs 22 & 26? Only a measly 40 Deg! Hmmm, let’s see that one is all lit up pretty an’ this here one is dark, OK I guess this one will be OK!?