Columbia vs Mooney for 4 people


Generally, what plane is better for 4 people?


Generally speaking, what do you mean by “better”?


Generally, any aiplane with 6 seats is better for 4 people than any aiplane with 4 seats.




And specifically speaking, any plane with 147 seats is better for 4 people, especially when you take out all but 20 of them (the seats, not the people).


Do mean average performance, maneuverability, price, efficiency, and pilot/aircraft fit, the five key qualities of a general aviation aircraft?

I strongly suggest you make a table comparing your choices of aircraft. I did than with about 20 aircraft, from the Cessna 172R to the Piper Mirage. I also had a few VLJs on the list too. It really helps you compare the aircraft and see which one suits your needs best, at the price you want.


Both are pretty tight in the back seat. Plus, you gotta realize that the people you are planning to put back there may not really ever be wanting to go when you do. My first idea was to buy a 2 seater and everyone talked me out of it. I have had more than one passenger less than once every 2 years.




maybe you guys should read the title of the thread columbia vs mooney for 4 people


jgona, their question was a fair one. Each aircraft is compromised to meet the needs of the buyer. Some qualities are more important to some people than others. “Better” is too general a term here. Does he want “better” performance, “better” price, “better” manuverability, etc? I don’t know.


I THINK jgona is correcting Dami on this comment:

I was gonna do it myself :stuck_out_tongue:


This is PRECISELY why people should not use the frigging subject line as part (or all) of the posting.

Here’s an example of the better way of posting.:

*Subject line: Columbia vs Mooney for 4 people
**Body of message: *Which is better for 4 people: Columbia or Mooney?

The subject line states what the posting is about. The body of the message give the full details. Again, though I know it’s not common on the Internet, it is common courtesy to use each part of a posting for its intended use. The subject line is intended to tell you what the posting is about (akin to the Re: line in a letter). The body gives you the details.

At the very least, and this is still not that great, you could at lease say something like:

*Subject line: Columbia vs Mooney for 4 people
**Body of message: *Re the subject line, which is better


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Much of this OFF SUBJECT discussion was probably a result of my initial answer. Let me clarify my point since nobody has picked up on it and the discussion has gone so far afield. I had hoped someone familiar with the airplanes could fill in the blanks for the specific airplanes, but since they didn’t, I’ll try.

I’m not that familiar with a Columbia, and only a little with the Mooneys, BUT most 4 PLACE airplanes can’t carry 4 PEOPLE with full fuel and some bags. I’m pretty sure that applies to the Mooneys and don’t know about the Columbia. The point is that if you REALLY WANT to CARRY 4 PEOPLE, you need to figure out how limiting that’s going to be for range and bag carrying capability. Most 6 place airplanes make good 4 people airplanes that can utilize their full range and still take a toothbrush along.

When you compare airplanes and plan on carrying 4 people, be sure to compare the ACTUAL ABILITY of the aircraft WITH 4 PEOPLE in it.

Now back to etiquette and spreading self-proclaimed good advice.

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