College Football Charter Finder 2010


This is intended to be a companion thread to the College Football Charters 2010 thread. This thread is intended to give readers some hints about how to find charters for their favorite college football teams, based on information collected so far this season. Rather than burying this information in the middle of the previous thread, I thought it would be more helpful to start a separate thread on the topic.

If a team is not listed below, it is because I have no data on that team yet this season. I will update this table as more data comes in. Corrections or additions to this data are welcomed.

Some airlines (e.g. AAL, COA, DAL) use the same flight number(s) for a given team consistently for the entire season. Where this is the case, the flight number(s) for a given team is/are noted. Other airlines vary the flight number; the giveaway for team charters is often a fairly high 4 digit number at their home airport. (BSK is a notable exception here.)

Sorry for the use of the code tags below, but this forum software does not really give me the ability to insert tables into posts, so I am using the code tags to create a preformatted table using a fixed font. I am open to better suggestions as to how to do this:

Team                Airlines/Flights          Airport          Notes
Air Force           BSK                       KCOS
Alabama             DAL8898                   KTCL             Sometimes KBHM
Albany              JBU                       KALB
Arizona             AWE9121                   KTUS
Arizona State       AWE9120                   KPHX
Arkansas            AAL9456                   KXNA
Arkansas-Pine Bluff BSK                       KLIT
Arkansas State      SCX                       KMEM
Army                DAL8899                   KSWF
Austin Peay         SCX                       KBNA
Ball State          BSK                       KMIE
Boise State         FFT                       KBOI
Bowling Green       SCX                       KTOL
Buffalo             JBU                       KBUF
BYU                 VRD                       KPVU
California          JBU                       KOAK
Central Michigan    GWY                       KLAN
Cincinnati          DAL8901                   KCVG
Citadel             SCX                       KCHS
Coastal Carolina    AAY                       KMYR
Colgate             JBU                       KSYR
Colorado            FFT                       KDEN
Colorado State      FFT                       KFNL
Connecticut         JBU                       KBDL
Drake               SCX                       KDSM
Duke                AWE9112                   KRDU
East Carolina       JBU                       KISO             Visitors often use KPGV
Eastern Washington  ASA                       KGEG
FAU                 AAY                       KFLL
FIU                 AAY                       KFLL
Florida             AAL9405                   KGNV             Some visitors use KOCF
Florida A&M         AAY, RBY                  KTLH
Florida State       DAL8904                   KTLH
Georgia             ASQ5633/5634/5635/5636    KAHN             Only CRJs, KATL for larger
Georgia (long haul) DAL8905                   KATL
Georgia Southern    RYN                       KSAV
Georgia State       TRS                       KATL
Georgia Tech        DAL8906                   KATL
Hampton             RBY                       KPHF
Hawaii              SWA8071/8271              various          Intra-mainland only,
                                                               usually commercial to/from PHNL
Houston             COA1903                   KIAH             Visitors often use KHOU
Idaho               SCX                       KLWS
Illinois            BSK, DAL                  KCMI
Illinois State      BSK                       KBMI
Iowa                BSK                       KCID
Kansas              AAL9466                   KFOE             Visitors somtimes use KMCI
Kent State          JBU                       KCAK
Kentucky            DAL8910                   KLEX
Liberty             SCX                       KLYH
Louisiana-Lafayette AAY                       KLFT
Louisville          SCX                       KSDF
LSU                 DAL8911                   KBTR
Maine               JBU                       KBGR
Marshall            AWE9115                   KHTS
Massachusetts       AAY                       KCEF
McNeese State       AAY                       KLCH
Memphis             SGB, N982CA               KMEM
Miami (FL)          DAL8913                   KMIA
Miami (OH)          BSK                       KDAY
Michigan            DAL8914                   KDTW
Middle Tennessee    BSK                       KMQY
Minnesota           DAL8915                   KMSP
Mississippi State   TRS                       KGTR
Montana             SCX                       KMSO
Montana State       AAY                       KBZN
Morgan State        DAL8918                   KBWI
Navy                DAL8917                   KBWI
Nebraska            DAL8919                   KLNK             Visitors often fly into KOMA
New Mexico          AAY                       KABQ             Often flies commercial on SWA
New Mexico State    JBU                       KELP             Sometimes KLRU
Nicholls State      AAY                       KMSY
North Carolina      DAL8920                   KRDU
North Carolina St.  DAL8921                   KRDU
North Dakota        SCX                       KGFK             Some visitors use KFAR
North Dakota State  DAL8918                   KFAR
Northeastern State  SCX                       KTUL
Northern Arizona    AWE9122                   KFLG
Northern Illinois   BSK                       KRFD
North Texas         SWA8070/8270              KDAL
Northwestern        DAL8922                   KORD
Northwestern State  SCX                       KAEX
Notre Dame          DAL8923                   KSBN
Ohio State          BSK                       KLCK            Some visitors use KCMH
Oklahoma            AAL9474                   KOKC
Oregon              DAL8924                   KEUG
Oregon State        HAL, AWE9123              KEUG
Penn State          BSK                       KUNV
Pittsburgh          AWE9114                   KPIT
Rutgers             COA1902                   KEWR
Sacramento State    AAY                       KSMF
Sam Houston State   GWY                       KCLL
San Diego State     FFT                       KSAN
San Jose State      SCX, AAY, VRD             KSJC            Late flts to KSFO due to noise
South Dakota State  GWY, SCX                  KFSD
Southern Illinois   BSK                       KMWA
Southern Miss       JBU                       KPIB
Southern Utah       FFT                       KCDC
Stanford            JBU                       KSJC            Late flts to KSFO due to noise
Stephen F. Austin   RBY                       KSHV
Stony Brook         SCX                       KISP
Syracuse            COA1906                   KSYR
TCU                 AAL9467                   KDFW
Tennessee           DAL8926                   KTYS
Texas               COA1909                   KAUS
Texas A&M           COA1904                   KCLL
Texas Tech          SWA8066/8266              KLBB
Troy                AAY                       KDHN            Some visitors use KMGM
Tulane              SWA8076/8276, SCX         KMSY
Tulsa               SCX                       KTUL
UAB                 SCX                       KBHM
UCF                 JBU                       KMCO
UCLA                DAL8927                   KLAX            Some visitors use KBUR
UNLV                JBU                       KLAS
USC                 HAL (Hawaii), AWE 9127    KLAX            Some visitors use KBUR
Utah                FFT                       KSLC
Utah State          FFT                       KLGU
Vanderbilt          DAL8928                   KBNA
Virginia            BSK                       KCHO            KRIC for long-haul flights
Virginia Tech       BSK                       KROA
Wake Forest         DAL8929, AWE9118          KGSO
Washington          ASA                       KSEA            Some visitors use KBFI
Washington State    ASA                       KLWS            Sometimes KPUW
Western Kentucky    SWA8085/8285              KBWG            Some visitors use KBNA
West Texas A&M      SCX                       KAMA
West Virginia       DAL8930                   KCKB            Some visitors use KPIT
William & Mary      SCX                       KPHF
Wisconsin           DAL8931                   KMSN
Wyoming             FFT                       KLAR
Youngstown State    SWA8083/8283              KYNG


Hey thanks, nice list.

I sometimes forget what airport some of the teams fly from and this will be a big help.


Illinois is on BSK, and occasionally on Delta.


Thanks, everyone. I’ve added a note about Illinois and adjusted the formatting a little for (hopefully) better readability.

I think most of Illinois’s games have either been at home or within bussing distance, so I haven’t seen them on any flights yet. Will watch their upcoming road games and see if anything has changed since last year.

Most changes this year involve teams that used to fly on NWA now flying on DAL due to the merger. Otherwise, Army and BYU are two schools that come to mind which have changed airlines since last year.


Thanks, look for them next Friday (October 8th) into UNV.


Updated with more data from this week.