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Codeshare Issues (Duplicates, Un-caught)

Two quick items to report tonight, both related to codeshares:

  • EIN8565 / EIN8533 are showing up as discreet flights, but they’re codeshares being operated by ACA.
  • Codeshare data returned in FXML3 AirportBoards includes duplicate flights in some cases, for example, “BAW8082,BAW8082,BAW8082,BAW8082,BAW8082,IBE5711”, another, “QTR3628,QTR3628,QTR3628,LAN5779,LAN5779,IBE5021”

The first example appears to be resolved now. Looks like some codeshare context was a little delayed. Near future versions of EIN8565 are already handled as ACA flights

I’ve opened a bug for the repeating case. The expectation is that the codeshare list should be unique list members.

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