I am looking at a flight out om KMEM. I find a flight number FLG4030 departing form KMEM. When I put my mouse on that flight number it provides the following information.

Pennacle Airlines D/B/A Northwest Airlines “Flagship”. The aircraft is a CRJ type.

What does the D/B/A mean?


Doing Business As

Thanks for the answer

I think that needs to be changed to d/b/a Delta Connection. Just a suggestion.

Ok thanks again. I would really like to know what the correct answer is.
Since Delta and Northwestern have merged, I think, maybe that carrier name has not been updated and still remains Northwestern.

I can say for sure tha Regional Jet routes and their operations and code shareing are very complex.


Up until the “Northwest Airlines” part, everything is correct (so to speak). Pinnacle Airlines owns and operates the aircraft, yet it may be painted as Northwest, or now, Delta Connection, so they are “Doing Business As” whatever regional service they are representing with the livery. Now, as redlegsfan21 pointed out, it may just be time to update the system.

As I indicated in my last post, most likely the system needs to be
updated as redfan has indicated. Probably should read “Delta Connection”