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Just wondering.
Why is it when I post something or select “mark all topics read” I get the dialog box with the “click here to return to the forum” or view the post etc. message? Why not just return to the forum automatically as soon as I hit the button? I am sure there is a reason but just wondered what it was.

-Edit- I forgot to mention that if I do nothing it takes about ten seconds for it to return on it’s own.


When you reply to a post it gives you a choice to either see your own reply or simply return to the Forum so you can go on to the next post.


Ok, perhaps I need to be more specific.

After I have looked at a specific forum and viewed the topics I want to look at there are many others that I may have no interest in. In an attempt to make my next visit to the forum easier to see new activity I select the “mark all topics read” button. At this time a window opens with a choice to “click here to return to the forum”. If I do nothing it will do it automatically after a little bit or I can click and return to the forum instantly. The question is why doesn’t it return to the forum instantly automatically? What is the purpose of the delay?


The purpose is to give confirmation that all of the topics have been marked read. It’s actually good programming because if you do something you should get confirmation that it was done.




So why is this the only forum I have seen do it?
The lack of a colored box next to the topic is confirmation that it has been marked as read.


Cuz’ you don’t get around much?

Seriously, I’m a moderator/admin with two other Forums, that happen to be about computers, which use the same software as FA and have the same posting method.