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Clarification on Push Notification API

We are currently doing an implementation with the FlightAware push notification API , however we have the some questions

  1. How is test conducted, is it always through the developer interface or we have to set up real life scenarios for our test.
  2. We would like to have the sample json response for various scenarios for eventcode = “change” so we can distinguish various scenarios that come under this eventcode
  3. Why are we been billed during development and testing? Isn’t there a sandbox we can work with before going live

Kind Regards

  1. We do not offer a separate “test server” or “sandbox” infrastructure for outside customers to use. We welcome use of our standard web interfaces for development of new apps.

  2. The “change” notifications are substantially the same format, containing all of the same fields as other notifications. The only things that vary are the textual content of the long_desc/short_desc/summary fields. Those 3 fields are intended to simply be displayed to the user and not mechanically parsed, since the nature of the data is so variable, ever changing, and potentially subject to localization.

“UAL1754 flight information has changed”
“United #1754 flight information has changed Departure Gate is now 66”

“SWA861 flight information has changed”
“Southwest #861 flight information has changed Departure Time is now Sun 10-May-2015 02:40PM MDT Arrival Time is now Sun 10-May-2015 03:50PM MDT”

However, the above two examples are not intended to be comprehensive of all possible messages that might be received.

  1. We do not begin billing until you have accumulated more than $5 of usage, which equates to more than 500 separate requests. If you never accumulate more than $5 then you will not receive a bill for that initial usage, and this is usually enough to allow people to decide whether FlightXML will be suitable for their needs or not. In some cases, we may also provide users with a time-limited free API key if you have been discussing your needs with a FlightAware sales representative.