CFB Trenton Wing Commander charged two counts murder . . .


Wow, so much for being Canadian!!!, the Wing Commander for CFB Trenton, which is where our C17’s are based, in Nov 09 a flight attendant was found dead and declared a suspicious death!!!

Then another woman went missing in Jan 2010 - during a road side canvass for information, a random stop of the Wing Commander - said something that made police suspicious of him.

He was arrested on Sunday in Ottawa, a search of his house turned up the body of the missing woman.

This very sick man has been charged with 2 Home Invasions, 2 First Degree Murders, and rape.

Canadian Military Police, Ontario Provincial Police, and Belleville Police were involved in the investigation.

The military people at Trenton must be in absolute shock at this moment.

Victim Number One, Marie Comeau was a Flight Attendant at CFB Trenton.

Victim Number Two, Jessica Lloyd her body was found this morning in the Wing Commander’s ‘on base’ home.

Wing Commander photo. Has been reported that he is the only person charged, and he is married.

This post may be of sad interest to Canadians!!, and posted considering he was up until Sunday the Commander at one of our biggest military air bases. … asp?id=675

He was a military flight instructor, flew fighters, then Canadian Forces Challenger VIP jets.


I look at it from a fellow aviator standpoint. It sucks that someone in our ranks is involved in something like this. I again hold a naively higher standard to those of us who fly or are related to it. The people in aviation I know and run into seem like a community, of course I guess everywhere there are bad apples, but it pisses me off when they’re in ours.

Rob, not to make light, BUT, as one who partakes in Monday night drop in hockey, and lives at the rink with the boy on weekends, I can say your national pasttime is much cooler than ours!


WOW- I flew a mission to there last year!


Unfortunately, folks are folks. Aviators, unlike the gods that many narcissistic pilots think they are, are subject to the same shortcomings as us mere mortals who must have someone take us into the wild blue yonder rather than doing it ourselves.


Very true, and I’m not including just pilots in the generalization, I’m including people I’ve worked with on the ground, the old guy that hangs out at the airport all day, the phoamers, everyone, when I speak of that community. But you’re right, sadly that image I have created for myself is not completely real.


He is being called a ‘Straight up, hard working Air Force guy’,

Department of National Defense press release.


It is sad that those women likely knew and trusted him. And how the heck was he able to conceal a dead body in the on-base home unless his wife lived offsite?!


Few details have been released, but now it seems he owned a cottage not to far from the base, in a town called Tweed - it was in the area of his cottage the body was found.

They also said he was having a new home built in Ottawa, and it was at this house he was arrested on Sunday.

Seems he has also been charged with two home invasion/rape charges from Sept 09 - and they are looking into areas he has lived in, in the past.

The murders are bad enough, but the shock of who this guy was has really shocked a lot of people up here!!


That picture just makes the hair on your neck stand up…